Ben Susau, 1987-2008

BEN SUSAU (Photo: Dave Santos)

It is with regret and deep sorrow that we report that Ben Susau, a winger for the San Francisco Fog RFC for the past two years, has unexpectedly passed away in Hawaii.

The Fog was the first club to give “Little Ben” an unequivocal taste of rugby, and he loved both the sport and the team immensely.

In the words of Fog member Hugh Keelan:

There was nothing little about Ben, either in presence or in spirit. On the field, he was a big-hearted, fearless, speedy winger; off the field, he had the biggest grin this side of Fiji.

I feel some comfort in knowing that where Ben has gone he’s now in the company of the Fog’s finest: Mark Bingham, Mark Rumple, Darrin Perry, Tim Fox. Those boys will look after him well. I reckon that together they’ll all be playing the game that’s played in heaven.

Rest in peace, Little Ben. We will miss you tremendously.