The Bingham CupĀ®

The San Francisco Fog organized The Bingham Cup® in 2002 to honor Mark Bingham, our teammate and friend. Eight teams participated in the first “gay rugby World Cup” in San Francisco.

In just a few years, the biennial tournament has grown into the largest amateur rugby event in the world, attracting hundreds of players and dozens of teams from North & South America, Europe, and Australia.

The Fog won the The Bingham Cup in its first two years (2002-San Francisco; 2004-London) and came in runners-up to the Sydney Convicts in 2006 (New York City). Sydney repeated their win in Dublin, Ireland, in 2008.

In 2010, the event took place in Minneapolis, MN, hosted by the Minnesota Mayhem R.F.C., where New York’s Gotham Knights took top honors.

The sixth Bingham Cup tournament will return to the UK in 2012. This time the host city is Manchester, whose Village Spartans were among the very first gay rugby teams in existence.

To donate to the cause please visit: Bingham Fundraising