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Fog Rugby 7s Season!

Bummed that rugby season is over? Need to just run or maybe hit something? Well, Fog Men’s 7s is happening!

We will be practicing every Thursday at 7:30PM on Treasure Island (9th and Avenue D), but if the numbers are good we can expand to Tuesdays. Even if you don’t want to plays 7s and just need a run, come on out for the fitness and skill work!

Note: Please bring a workout jersey/t-shirt and shorts that you won’t mind getting dirty as well as cleats (rugby or soccer cleats are preferred) and a mouthguard.

See you out on the pitch on Thursdays!


The SF Fog brings home the John Cook Memorial Cup! Both the mens’ A and B sides fought hard the entire weekend, despite injuries.

On Sunday, the A side went on to the final match of the day against the Quake and won 22-0! There were solid performances all around, including driving the Seattle scrum over despite being down a man.

Stormy Fogmada played great as well all weekend. There were some really tight matches and great teamwork by all.

Check out photos from the weekend here!

An Overview of the "Ruck" by Coach Kathy Flores

A ruck occurs when a tackle is made and at least one team member from either side is present and touching over the ball. When explained in this fashion a ruck seems fairly simple but add more bodies, off sides lines and 5 seconds within which to use the ball, it becomes a lot more complicated and is no longer assumed if you go into the ruck with the ball, you will maintain possession.

As coaches, we strive to build not just the skills involved with maintaining or reversing possession but also the decision making around the roles of each individual involved or arriving at the ruck.

Rucking is a collision sport unto itself with not only the offense working to secure their possession, but the defense looking to unsettle the ruck and ultimately win back possession. In the past, the offense committed as many players needed to maintain possession and stability at the ruck. Conversely, the defense has tried to commit as few as possible so as to maintain their defensive line. More recently, we have seen the evolution of counter-rucking where the defense continues to apply pressure at the ruck in terms of one or two defensive players driving into the ruck with the hopes of driving off the offensive supporters and winning back the ball.

As it has always been important for support players to be following closely to their ball carrier, counter rucking and poaching (a defensive player reaching over a tackled ball carrier and retrieving the ball) have made it that much more imperative for support to be immediate and for the ball carrier to “keep their feet”. The required use of available ball within the 5 second window now speeds up the game by encouraging recycling of the ball quickly.

2013 SF Fog Schedule

Come Watch - Come Play! Our 2013 Season is Here!
Check back here for updated details for these and other games.

1/12/2013 SF Fog @ SFGG D3 (Home - 1pm)
1/19/2013 Aptos @ SF Fog (Away)
1/26/2013 SF Fog @ South Valley (Home)
2/16/2013 SF Fog @ Vallejo (Home - 1pm)
2/23/2013 SFGG D3 @ SF Fog (2:30 pm - SFGG Pitch, 725 California Av, @ Avenue M, Treasure Island)
3/2/2013 SF Fog @ Aptos (Home)
3/9/2013 South Valley @ SF Fog (HOME - 1pm)

NCRFU QuarterFinals: 04/13/2013 (Top 2 in each division plus 2 wildcards qualify)
NCRFU SemiFinals: 04/20/2013
NCRFU Finals: 04/27/2013 (Finalists advance to PCRFU semis)


Day 2 brought four more victories for the Fog, leaving the men a combined 8-0 record so far!

Fog B men advanced to the semifinals in the Alice Hoagland Cup division where they will face a rematch with a strong Melbourne side and the Fog A men advanced to the semifinals of the Bingham Cup division where they will meet the Gotham Knights.

Photo: President Daniel Crowley completes a try for Fog A against Manchester on Saturday, June 2nd.

Fog B Semi-final Match vs Melbourne Chargers @ 2:40 am PST
Fog A Semi-final Match vs Gotham Knights A @ 3:30 am PST

If the B-side advances..
Hoagland Cup final will be at 6:00 am PST
If the A-side advances..
Bingham Cup final will be at 6:50 am PST

Fog A played two solid defensive games, shutting out both Sydney B 10-0 and Manchester A 27-0. Fog A has yet to concede a single point this tournament! Establishing a commitment to each other was the theme of the day and was carried throughout both games.

Fog B kept up their solid work, defeating a hard charging Madison Minotour team 13-5. Unfortunately, that game also saw the first major injury to a Fog player, with Bill Hewitt suffering a fractured collar bone. On the bright side, after a healthy dosage of nitrous oxide, everything seemed okay… Many thanks to Mickey for making sure he got off to the hospital alright. Fog B followed up that game with a crushging defeat of Manchester B, at least 27-0, possibly more. Inspired back play and a will to make big plays was evident throughout. The major highlight ended up being after the game. With Taylor scoring his first try, his zulu following the game ventured right past the Manchester sideline where he received a large round of applause!