Tournament results

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Fog men at Bingham Cup 2010 - Final results


The San Francisco Fog played its best rugby on the last day of the 2010 Bingham Cup tournament, leaving everything on the pitch in its three contested matches, as the Fog A side reached the semi-final round in the Cup bracket, while the Fog B side advanced to the championship match in the Shield Bracket, the B side’s highest standing in the Bingham Cup tournament in the club’s history. Of special note, the Fog club collectively executed arguably its best defense in the history of the Bingham Cup tournament, as only two tries were scored against both sides throughout the three-day tournament, with the Fog A side never allowing a try in all of its matches.

SF Fog B Side 15, Atlanta Bucks 0

The Fog B side set the tone of the day for the club, playing tremendous rugby and never looking back while scoring three tries throughout the match en route to a stellar victory that placed the Fog in the championship match.

CUP BRACKET - Semi Finals
SF Fog A Side 0, Sydney Convicts 3

The storied rivalry between the Convicts and the Fog at the Bingham Cup continued in the semi-final round of the Cup bracket, as the A sides of both clubs squared off against each other for the third time in history. The match proved to be a nail-biter, as each team executed flawless rugby and in particular elevated their defensive efforts. With both teams scoreless at halftime, Sydney prevailed with a lone penalty kick in the second half to edge out the Fog in a match that could have gone either way.

SF Fog B Side 0, Dublin Emerald Warriors 17

Moving to the championship pitch at the Bingham Cup, the San Francisco Fog’s B Side held their own and never made it easy for the previous tournament hosts Dublin Emerald Warriors in playing for the Bingham Shield, as Dublin forged ahead towards the end of the match as the eventual champions.

The New York Gotham Knights A Side won the Cup Bracket against the Sydney Convicts by a final score of 18 to 15. It was a closely fought battle with three lead changes throughout the match, and in the final seconds, Sydney missed a penalty kick that would have sent the match into overtime had it been made. Other winners of the tournament included the Los Angeles Rebellion (Bingham Plate), Sydney Convicts B Side (Bingham Bowl), Dublin Emerald Warriors (Bingham Shield), Phoenix Storm (Alice Hoagland Crest) and Seattle Quake B Side (Bingham Spoon). Members from over 30 different rugby clubs from around the world (North America, Eurpoe, Australia) attended the well-executed tournament, which was fantastically hosted by the Minneapolis Mayhem Rugby Football Club.

Fog men at Bingham Cup 2010 - Day 2


The second day of the three-day Bingham Cup® tournament was graced with ideal rugby weather of overcast clouds and cooler temperatures. The Fog remained formidable with three wins in four matches, achieving a perfect record in pool play by both the A and B sides — a first for Fog Rugby at Bingham.

SF Fog B Side 26 - New York Gotham Knights B Side 0

The Fog’s B side ended their pool play competition with precision rugby among the forward pack and back line amidst tough competition from the Gotham Knights B side. The victory resulted in a perfect pool play record of three wins, a first for the Fog’s ever-improving B side.

SF Fog A Side 14 - Los Angeles Rebellion 3

The Fog’s A side started their day against local rivals Los Angeles Rebellion, as both squads duked it out throughout the match. The Rebellion scored quickly with a penalty kick and the Fog answered back with a forward try to end the half and an additional try to seal the match.

Bowl/Shield Bracket
SF Fog 2nd Side 0 - Chicago Dragons 8

Facing upper tier competition for the first time in the tournament and little room for error, the Fog B side played their hearts out and never made it easy for Chicago, finally relenting to a very hard-fought try and penalty kick by the Dragons.

Cup/Plate Bracket
SF Fog 1st Side 56 - Dallas Diablos 0

The Fog A side continued its consistent execution and showcased its depth, as the forward pack continued to grind it out and the back line erupted for numerous breakaways against the Dallas Diablos.

Fog men at Bingham Cup 2010 - Day 1


The San Francisco Fog RFC achieved near perfection on the first day of The Bingham Cup® tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, winning all four of their matches with only one try scored against them all day, despite temperatures that soared into the 80’s on a mostly sunny yet very windy day.

SF Fog B Side 31 - Ottawa Wolves 5

The first match for the Fog reunited the club with two of its former members, who after leaving San Francisco founded the Ottawa Wolves, the Canadian Nation Capital Regions first gay-friendly rugby football club. Both sides played spirited rugby, with the Wolves scoring the lone try against the Fog on the first day of the tournament.

SF Fog A Side 12 - Seattle Quake A Side 0

The Fog’s A side continued its West Coast rivalry with the Seattle Quake’s A side to start the day. Each side grinded out a grueling 20 minutes with no score at halftime, and the Fog broke through in the second half with two tries to grab the victory.

SF Fog B Side 20 - La Rebelyon 0

The Fog’s B side continued its international competition with the La Rebelyon, a rugby team from France. With strong and dedicated play by both the backs and the forwards, the Fog scored four tries en route to a solid match.

SF Fog A Side 58 - Minnesota Mayhem 0

Ending day one with the hosts of The Bingham Cup 2010 tournament in the Minnesota Mayhem, the Fog’s A side picked up where they left off in their first game, ramping up their play until they were firing on all cylinders in scoring a decisive win.

Magnitude 15s Tournament - Day 1 Results

The San Francisco Fog have travelled to Seattle this weekend for the 4th biennial Magnitude 15s tournament hosted by the Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club. The tournament features IGRAB-member rugby clubs from all over North America who face off over a grueling two-day rugby-intensive tournament. The San Francisco Fog fielded an A side and combined their B side players with the San Diego Armada.

The following are Day 1 results:

San Francisco Fog A: 41, Minneapolis Mayhem: 0.
San Francisco Fog A: 17, Los Angeles Rebellion: 0.
San Francisco Fog A: 57, Dallas Diablos: 0.
San Francisco Fog A: victorious over the Seattle Quake B Squad.

Fog B/San Diego Armada: 5, NY Gotham Knights: 29
Fog B/San Diego Armada: 5, Phoenix Storm: 19
Fog B/San Diego Armada: 5, Seattle Quake A: 31

The tournament continues today as the clubs engage in a playoff battle to determine the winner of 2009 Magnitude 15s. Follow the Seattle Quake Magnitude website to get minute-by-minute results of the tournament.

Cheer on the Fog as they vie for the tournament win! Roll Fog Roll!

Fog Women Success in SLO 7's - Sep 6

The San Francisco Fog Women traveled down the coast and made a very strong showing at the Tri-Tip 7’s Rugby Tournament hosted by the home club San Luis Obispo RFC on Saturday, September 6, 2008, as the Lady Fog persevered and made it to the final match, losing in the end by a very slim point margin.

The Fog Ladies first played SLO Beaches, an experienced Women’s side, and held their own with two tries a-piece and a final score of 10-12. The next two games “were short work,” as the Fog squared off against Eagle Rock Rugby, a new Women’s Team in California, and the SLO Rookies, a side filled with new ruggers. The final match “pitted SLO Beaches again against the Lady Fog,” and the song remained the same on this day with a final score of 10-12.

Scores from all four games will be posted soon.