Fog Lions youth rugby program

In 2007, Fog Rugby started a youth side for kids from grades 2-5 at the Tenderloin Community School. The school mascot is the lion, so the team became the Fog Lions, with an Okinawan shisa lion logo.

The Fog Lions is an after-school club, hosted by a teacher but coached by Fog volunteers. There are 14 players on the roster, so matches have six or seven players on each team, just right for under-10 flag rugby. The match rules are based on the Play Rugby USA program, which also provides a team charter that emphasizes fair play and respect. The players read the charter before each session.

Rugby traditions are important for the Fog Lions. The members wear their team shirts to school each Friday and they have rugby nicknames and use rugby terminology.

The Fog Lions hope to someday have an opponent to play against, and a middle school program to move on to, but for now they are the only rugby program in San Francisco below high school age.