Fog Rugby stands united against Prop 8

(Nov. 5, 2008) This is a sad day for all Californians. The people of our state apparently voted in favor of discrimination, repealing a specific minority‚Äôs civil rights in yesterday’s election.

The Yes on Proposition 8 movement, primarily funded and staffed by out-of-state religious zealots, has been able to take away fundamental rights enumerated in the State Constitution.

Proposition 8 has never been about restoring the traditional definition of marriage. Instead, it strips a right from law-abiding, tax-paying, gay and lesbian couples. And contrary to the statements of the Yes on 8 supporters, domestic partnerships do not and have not enjoyed the same legal rights as married spouses.

Supporters of Proposition 8 said today that the constitutional amendment “takes effect at midnight tonight. Just as it was before the Supreme Court’s ruling, only marriage between a man and a woman will be valid or recognized in California, regardless of when or where performed.” We can only hope and work towards the goal that the courts protect the thousands of gay and lesbian marriages already performed.

This has been a hard-fought campaign but this is not the end.

The San Francisco Fog Rugby Football Club asks you to stand with us and work to erase legalized discrimination, whether it occurs in employment, housing, marriage rights, or on the rugby pitch.