Minneapolis is our choice to host The Bingham Cup in 2010

The San Francisco Fog RFC strongly supports the Minneapolis Mayhem RFC’s bid for The Bingham Cup® in 2010.

IGRAB’s mission is to establish and nurture member clubs whose goals align with its own. The Mayhem was founded as an IGRAB club, with IGRAB’s help, and since its inception has been a model for what IGRAB hopes to accomplish as an organizing body.

We believe IGRAB’s Bid Evaluation Committee erred in its interpretation of the IGRAB constitution when it allowed a non-member club to submit a bid. Fog Rugby feels very strongly that only member clubs who embody and actively pursue IGRAB’s stated goals should benefit from the worldwide attention and increased public profile that results from hosting The Bingham Cup®.

IGRAB has only a handful of tools available to pursue its mission of developing and deepening the organizational capacity of its member clubs. We would be misguided if we used that power to benefit a non-member club when a superb bid from a fellow IGRAB club exists.

Minneapolis has done the hard work it takes to establish and grow an IGRAB club. They have submitted a terrific bid and that is why we enthusiastically support them as hosts of The Bingham Cup® in 2010.