SF Fog Women Season Opener @ Home!


When: Saturday, March 16
Time: 11am
Where: Fog Pitch - Treasure Island

Cheer the ladies on as they take on the EPA Razorbacks!


Lone Star Beer Bust - Sunday, March 10, 2013 - 4-8pm

Join us for fun and lots of beer on second Sundays with the Fog at the Lone Star! $4 jello shots, $1 beer specials, food and more! Proceeds benefit the SF Fog Rugby Club.

Also, we’re collecting coats, clothes and blankets for the upcoming Tenderloin Tessie Easter dinner. If you have these items to donate - please bring them with you on Sunday. For over 35 years, Tenderloin Tessie holiday dinners, an all-volunteer organization, has fed the community of San Francisco on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The program serves the elderly, disabled, low income, homeless families with children and those that do not have a family or a place to go.

Invite Your Friends!

An Overview of the "Ruck" by Coach Kathy Flores

A ruck occurs when a tackle is made and at least one team member from either side is present and touching over the ball. When explained in this fashion a ruck seems fairly simple but add more bodies, off sides lines and 5 seconds within which to use the ball, it becomes a lot more complicated and is no longer assumed if you go into the ruck with the ball, you will maintain possession.

As coaches, we strive to build not just the skills involved with maintaining or reversing possession but also the decision making around the roles of each individual involved or arriving at the ruck.

Rucking is a collision sport unto itself with not only the offense working to secure their possession, but the defense looking to unsettle the ruck and ultimately win back possession. In the past, the offense committed as many players needed to maintain possession and stability at the ruck. Conversely, the defense has tried to commit as few as possible so as to maintain their defensive line. More recently, we have seen the evolution of counter-rucking where the defense continues to apply pressure at the ruck in terms of one or two defensive players driving into the ruck with the hopes of driving off the offensive supporters and winning back the ball.

As it has always been important for support players to be following closely to their ball carrier, counter rucking and poaching (a defensive player reaching over a tackled ball carrier and retrieving the ball) have made it that much more imperative for support to be immediate and for the ball carrier to “keep their feet”. The required use of available ball within the 5 second window now speeds up the game by encouraging recycling of the ball quickly.

FREE - SF Fog Rugby 101 Clinic!

Learn a Sport, Join a Family!
When: Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 11 am -1 pm
Where: SF Fog rugby pitch, 9th street & Ave D, Treasure Island

A big thanks to all who came out to the Rugby 101 clinic and DNA Pizza social! It was a lot of fun and great to see new faces. Check back here periodically for updates on future Rugby 101 clinics, and come join us on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm for practice. All are welcome!

Click here to see photos from Rugby 101 clinic!

Click here for a Rugby primer download

Special thanks to DNA Pizza for their wonderful hospitality!