YouTube Series: The Bingham Cup® 2008

The Bingham Cup® - FogTV YouTube Series

The FogTV YouTube series covering the San Francisco Fog at The Bingham Cup® 2008 in Dublin, Ireland is fully completed with 16 video episodes covering each of the 12 matches played by each of the Fog’s two touring sides as well as an opening video montage and an original music video.

The full playlist can be found on YouTube as well as here on our website:

  Video Name   Time
  Teaser Trailer   00:15
  Opening Montage Video   03:40
  Upper Tier Pool B - SF Fog 1 v Philadelphia Gryphons   04:48
  Upper Tier Pool D - SF Fog 2 v London Kings Cross Steelers 1   04:54
  Upper Tier Pool B - SF Fog 1 v Manchester Village Spartans 1   05:41
  Upper Tier Pool D - SF Fog 2 v Boston Ironsides*   01:03
  Upper Tier Pool B - SF Fog 1 v Dublin Emerald Warriors   05:32
  Upper Tier Pool D - SF Fog 2 v New York Gotham Knights 1   04:19
  Plate First Round - SF Fog 2 v New York Gotham Knights 2   05:33
  Cup Quarter Final - SF Fog 1 v Los Angeles Rebellion   05:30
  Plate Quarter Final - SF Fog 2 v Chicago Dragons   05:26
  Cup Semi Final - SF Fog 1 v Kings Cross Steelers 1 (Regulation)   05:06
  Cup Semi Final - SF Fog 1 v Kings Cross Steelers 1 (Overtime)   05:50
  Plate Semi Final - SF Fog 2 v World Barbarians   04:59
  Cup Consolation - SF Fog 1 v New York Gotham Knights 1   05:51
  “Bingham Year” Original Music Video   02:57
  Total Series Running Time   72:21

*Video is from the official “The Bingham Cup” YouTube Channel

Fog Fridays Beer Bust! Fri 7/18 @ 6pm

On Friday, July 18, come out to The LookOut Bar at 3600 16th Street in the exciting Castro district to enjoy all the Budweiser beer you can drink from 6pm to 9:30pm for only 8 dollars!

The Fog will also be selling clothing merchandise (including t-shirts and hats) and holding a raffle with exciting prizes throughout the evening! The Fog will also be showing video highlights of all of their matches at The Bingham Cup® as seen on their FogTV YouTube channel on their big screen TVs!

And did we mention there will be LOTS of rugby players to hang out with? Come on out, unwind after a hard work week, and enjoy a beer with us!

2008-2009 Men's and Women's Seasons

Practices for the upcoming 2008/2009 rugby seasons start on the following dates:

  • Fog Women
    August 12: Official First Training

  • Fog Men (1st and 2nd Sides)
    October 21: Official First Practice

There is also a fitness training session on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7/29/08 through 8/07/08 that is open to both men and women.

Check out our schedule for more information. Contact us for any questions.

Fog Rugby at SF Pride 2008 a Success

The San Francisco Fog was strongly represented at the 2008 San Francisco Pride Festival, held on Sunday, June 29, running a high-velocity beverage booth at a prime location next to the center performance stage in front of City Hall, as well as holding a sought-after recruiting/informational booth at “Athlete’s Alley” on McAllister St. where the Fog signed up numerous fair-goers interested in playing rugby and learning more about our family.

Thank you to everyone for coming out, supporting the Fog and having a wonderful time!

"Bingham Year" Music Video

Music video of “Bingham Year,” an original song inspired by the heroism of Mark Bingham, a rugby player with the San Francisco Fog and passenger on United 93 on September 11, 2001, and the bi-annual The Bingham Cup®, one of the largest amateur rugby tournaments in the world. The music video features footage from The Bingham Cup® 2008 hosted in Dublin, Ireland by the Emerald Warriors.