Bingham Cup excitment, set to music

Written by a member of the San Francisco Fog, "Bingham Year" is a song commemorating the heroism of Mark Bingham and the biennial rugby tournament that honors him.

Bingham, who played championship rugby for UC-Berkeley in the 1990s, died on September 11, 2001 aboard United flight 93. He joined the Fog in its first year of existence, helping teach and inspire a small group of dedicated rugby novices that founded the club in 2000.

After Mark's death, the Fog created the first Bingham Cup tournament to honor him. Since then the competition has grown to include dozens of teams from around the globe, making it the largest amateur rugby event in the world.

The 2008 event will be held in Dublin, Ireland this summer, the latest in a line of host-cities that includes New York City in 2006, London in 2004, and San Francisco in 2002.

Fog vs. Petaluma - March 29

On Saturday, March 29, the Fog Men traveled an hour north to square off against the Petaluma Leghorns. Finishing up the NCRFU Season, the Fog Men completed their rite-of-passage within one of the toughest rugby divisions in all of America.

As the NCRFU Season closes and the Mark Kendall Bingham Rugby Tournament opens, the Fog finds itself more capable than ever imagined. As for the rest of Saturday, both the Fog and Leghorns celebrated their efforts for the match and season in a riveting third half.

"Team, Family, Fog" on FogTV

Video of the Fog Men side versus the Petaluma Leghorns on Saturday, March 29, 2008, as shown on our FogTV YouTube channel:

Fog Rugby wins design award

The Fog is proud to announce that its coat-of-arms was recently recognized by the American Heraldry Society for excellence in heraldic design.

The arms were originally created by Fog scrumhalf Pete Arden in early 2001 for the team’s first jersey. A part-time graphic designer with a lifelong interest in heraldry, “Repete” wanted to create an emblem that could stand the test of time without looking trendy or dated — hence the traditional heraldic approach.

Since then, the distinctive silver, black, and blue shield has become an integral part of the club’s identity, turning up in everything from posters, kit bags, and recruiting cards to the club’s website and YouTube video channel.

More information about the meaning and symbolism behind the Fog’s coat of arms is available in the Symbols and Traditions section of our “About” page.

Fog Fridays Beer Bust! March 21 @ 6pm

The San Francisco Fog is bringing back Fog Fridays with the first beer bust of many in the 2008 year!

On Friday, March 21, come out to The LookOut Bar at 3600 16th Street (where the Metro Bar used to be), to enjoy all the Budweiser beer you can drink from 6pm to 10pm for only 8 dollars! The Fog will also be selling clothing merchandise (including t-shirts and hats) and holding a raffle with exciting prizes! On top of that, the Fog will be showing its most popular videos from its FogTV YouTube channel on their big screen TVs! And did we mention there will be LOTS of rugby players to hang out with?

Come on out, unwind after a hard work week, and enjoy a beer with us!